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Magebutton lets you place an order with a single press of a button. Let's start easy purchasing.

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What is Magebutton?

  • Magebutton lets you place the order, predefined in Magento store. It's fast and simple way to regularly buy your favorite products online.
  • Magebutton is inspired by the Internet of Things and a desire to enhance the shopping experience for frequently purchased and consumable goods with omnichannel commerce.

By connecting a physical and virtual button to your online shopping cart, ordering and re-ordering items you regularly use has never been easier.

Dual mode

If you are making a cup of coffee and remember that you need to restock you can push your nearby physical Magebutton.

Or, if you have just left the supermarket forgetting to stockup on coffee, you can re-order at your convenience through the app. Thanks to the possibility of both physical and virtual buttons, order anywhere, anytime.

Why choose Magebutton for your Magento store?

Magebutton brings customers one step closer to your commerce siteby providing an omnichannel shopping experience. Your customers can now order their favorites products anytime, anywhere with ease after a one-time setup.Magebutton makes it quick and easy to order from your store,over and over again.

Choose from popular brands

Magebutton is built for Magento commerce, whichpowers hundreds of thousands online shops aroundthe world. By choosing Magebutton, you have accessto well-known brands and your favourite products.

Never run out of your favorites

Magebutton works anytime, anywhere.Keep ordering your favourite products with the physical or digital button.

Stress-free cancellation if you change your mind

Review your order history, receive email alertsstraight away, and cancel your order directly fromthe app if you change your mind.

See for yourself!

Magebutton creates new opportunities for your online store! It increases clients engagement by simplifying the process of order. Innovative solution makes you more appealing, exclusive and competitive on the market. Magebutton is also new way to promote products and brands as easily accessible and always available. You can offer your clients time-saving solution for getting everyday products. Internet of Things is a new developing technology and Magebutton makes it available for Magento.

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