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What is Magebutton?

Magebutton lets you place the order, predefined in Magento store. It's fast and simple way to regularly buy your favorite products online.

Easy to cancel if you change your mind

E-mail notifications make purchasing safe and inform you about all placed orders. You can easily adjust an order by managing products in your cart. You can also cancel an order from e-mail message in case of pressing the button accidentally.

Choose from popular brands

26% of ecommerce sites are using Magento. It's one of the most popular and developed web store platforms on the market. Magebutton Plugin makes Magebutton available to Magento and is an answer for market and users needs, to make buying products online easy.

How does it work?

  • Setup

    Get Magebutton from your Magento store and configure WiFi connection.

  • Define the order

    Visit web store to choose products, define address and payment.

  • Buy

    Just press the button to make an order. You will get all information about it by e-mail.

See for yourself!

Magebutton creates new opportunities for your online store! It increases clients engagement by simplifying the process of order. Innovative solution makes you more appealing, exclusive and competitive on the market. Magebutton is also new way to promote products and brands as easily accessible and always available. You can offer your clients time-saving solution for getting everyday products. Internet of Things is a new developing technology and Magebutton makes it available for Magento.

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